Meet the team; Jonathan and Bianka, Taste of Joy in London!
Jonathan (Joy) previously worked as head pastry chef of numerous high end restaurants - Lucky Cat by Gordon Ramsey, Zuma, Roka etc. - in London, Miami and in South of France, where he was born and brought up.
Bianka (B) established herself as Head of Operations in various startups previously, after having a long career as businesswoman in the fashion industry. She teaches yoga in her free time.
Jonathan's passion for the art of pastry immediately inspired B since the day they've known each other. Well, he loves making Eclairs and she loves eating them, so their partnership became quite obvious right away.
In the Summer of 2021 they decided to follow their dreams and spoil the citizens of London with remarkable pastries! Jonathan is an absolute talent when it comes to selecting and mixing flavours, and he just intuitively gets the ratio right. He is never shy with the amount of cream inside of these groundbreaking Eclairs! That's a promise!
They have a permanent space at the legendary Borough Market in London! 
Apart from creating joy for you, they both have a huge passion for cycling so they deliver the innovative pastries on their bikes, six days a week. You can also find the eclairs on Good Sixty and Deliveroo.
They are available for special events and catering as well. 
A year later the team opened their own shop in the heart of West London where you get the chance to enjoy more eclairs and other handcrafted French yumminess in an absolutely extraordinary environment.
Thank you for being here and thank you for your support!
Love xx, Bianka & Jonathan
ps: Jonathan's nickname is Joy, so you get the pun :)